Policy for an Integrated Water Management System


The ESPINA & DELFIN, S.L. business model is based on the construction of waterworks and the management of the integral water cycle, i.e. the capture, transportation, purification and distribution of drinking water, as well as the collection, treatment of wastewater, the reuse and, finally, return of water to the natural environment with minimal environmental impact.


The Management is aware that the activities provided by the organisation are essential to society and to the environment, so it is a priority to ensure that they are carried out with the highest quality, safety, effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, a Health and Safety Integrated Management System (injury prevention and occupational health), Quality, Environment, Food Safety and Energy provide help and support towards continuous improvement and are based on these following principles:


  1.  Our philosophy is to make environmental protection compatible with the efficiency of our business, and to work hard to prevent pollution and minimise the environmental impact associated with our activities whilst constantly promoting a rational use of resources and improving the use of energy.
  2. Taking strict compliance with the legislation in force as starting point, Espina & Delfin, S.L. strives for customer satisfaction by guaranteeing our products’ highest quality and safety, along with all other requirements relating to Health and Safety, Quality, Environment, Food Safety and Energy that the organisation subscribes to.
  3. The monitoring and control of processes and activities are based on indicators, obtaining quantifiable information that contributes to carrying out improvements to our products, services and management processes.
  4. We work hard to achieve assured quality through the involvement of all staff, “the rule of doing things right the first time” must be the goal for every member of staff, regardless of the task to be performed. The ethic must be that quality is not controlled but generated and must become a habit. The system must work hard on fault prevention rather than on its correction, and especially on keeping processes under control to such an extent that final checks on products and services can gradually be reduced.
  5. Commitment to injury prevention and workers’ occupational health.
  6. Incorporate energy criteria in the procurement of products, equipment and services, so as to improve the organisation’s use of energy.
  7. Ensure the availability of information and of all possible and necessary resources for the achievement of the established improvement objectives.
  8. Establish the necessary communication links, both internally and externally, to ensure all parties have all the required information available to them on product quality, product safety and on the organisation’s dedication to the environment, energy, safety and occupational health.


This policy is the framework for setting and reviewing the objectives of the management system, to be reviewed annually for continued suitability.



Laboratory Policy



This policy for quality in laboratory management aptly fulfils its mission by applying good professional practices (responsibility, transparency, confidentiality, impartiality) to ensure test quality as required by the client:


    1. Ensure commitment from all laboratory staff included in the scope of accreditation in compliance with established policies and procedures and ensure that the management system is understood, implemented and maintained.
    2. Ensure required customer satisfaction, both legal and regulatory, with tests being carried out in the correct manner in the laboratory.
    3. Maintain and continuously improve the applicable quality management system for tests carried out in the laboratory and comply with the standards regulation UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025.


The company’s management takes responsibility for motivating and training their employees in the knowledge and observance of this policy, and providing them with the training and necessary resources for the performance of their duties.


Signed: Amador Mosquera Liste

Managing Director